Signature Ice Cream

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Signature Ice Cream

Cookie Monster

Oreo topped w.whipped cream, oreo & pocky sticks, chocolate syrup.

First Kiss

Fresh strawberry w.crakers, strawberry bobba & whipped cream, rainbowl sprinkles.

Sweet Heart

Kit-kat topped w.m&m, whipped cream & chocolate chips, nutella.

Pina Colada

Pineapple topped with gummy bears, jelly & coconut flakes.

Monkey Lover

Nutella, banana topped w.banana pocky sticks & brownie.

Peach Melba

Raspberries, granola w.whipped cream and pretzel, raspberry syrup.

Mango Tango

Fresh mang topped w.mocho, mango bobba and lychee jelly, whipped cream.

Matcha Lady

Fresh Blueberries, green tea & strawberry topped w.mochi, cheese cake, condensed milk.

Nutter Butter

Peanut craker topped w.nutter butter and whipped cream & caramel syrup.

Coffee Superme

Coffee cokkie topped w.pocky sticks, whipped cream & cocoa powder.

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